Specialty Foods

grocery_cartOur public relations programs for the specialty food trade offer an affordable way to have news of your company and products appear in the print and electronic trade publications that distributors, brokers, category buyers and retailers read regularly.

Not only are articles placed in the editorial sections of publications seen as being more credible than advertising, but a public relations program costs just a fraction of what you would pay for an advertising campaign.

You benefit because a consistent specialty food public relations program can:

  • food_shoppingHelp open doors because prospective buyers already are familiar with your company and your products,
  • Encourage distributors, brokers and reps to carry your products,
  • Increase awareness of your products with retailers,
  • Keep your company and products ‘top of mind’ with purchasers through regular coverage in specialty food, grocery, foodservice, gift and other industry media, and
  • Help generate sales leads.

The Publicity Coach™ program can help create a targeted marketing plan designed to deliver results. You control the costs because you decide how much of the work you want to do yourself as opposed to hiring someone else to do it.