Media Training

media_trainingTelling your story effectively through the media is about more than just “spin” or “staying on message.” We teach you how to communicate effectively through the news media whether the news is good or bad.

Our hands-on training program is customized to reflect the challenges and opportunities you face.

You will learn how to:

  • Build skills in communicating consistent, positive messages in the news media
  • Become adept at handling “difficult” questions about sensitive issues
  • Learn techniques for keeping an interview on topic and on message
  • Build effectiveness in handling media situations by creating a greater understanding of the news media and learning the rules of engagement in formal and informal settings
  • microphonesCreate understanding of what needs to happen before, during and after an interview
  • Develop confidence in handling news media and other situations with crucial constituencies
  • Understand the role of ongoing media relations in creating desired outcomes
    • Be proactive in getting your message out
    • Reach out to media before they come to you
    • Preparing for, and communicating during, a crisis